[sponsored] Make up factory no.2

Hey lovelies!

A few weeks ago I received a package from Make-up Factory. Included was the ultrastay brow cream in shade 06 hazelnut, the eye contour (eyebrow corrector) brush and two nail polishes from the trendlook fall/winter 2015 collection, which was available from August.




Both, the brow cream and brush were part of the All about Brows collection that was sold in July as far as I know. I was really excited to try out the brow cream since so far I have only used eye brow pencils and powder. When I swatched it on my arm I got more excited. It went on smoothly and the color was really nice, so I tried it on my brows….disappointment. The color that went on so smoothly on my arm didn’t show up on my brows at all. I put some more product on the brush and tried again. Nothing. I am not sure if the color is too light for me, which is why it wasn’t noticeable or if I was simply to dumb to apply it correctly^^

In the end I gave up. I might try it again, but so far this has been a let down. The brush though is heaven!

It is super soft, pointy and at the same time very precise. I used it with my new pressed pigment from Beni Durrer (color nougat?) and was very satisfied by the result. It is my go to eye brow pencil now. So thank you to Make-up Factory for including it in the package.

Next were the two nail polishes from the trendlook fall/winter 2015 collection.

I receiceived 347 Black Glam and 479 Red Statement.


Black Glam is a nice dark silver grey polish with great dimension. I already liked it in the bottle, but on the nail it’s even prettier.


I tried to catch what I meant when I said “great dimension”, do you see that? Even while I am writing this and looking at the smaller version of the picture I am still stunned. It is dark grey, it silver, it shimmers and it sparkles, all at the same time….I don’t know how to describe it. It is simply stunning and became one of my favorite grey polishes. It also goes on very smoothly and dries very quickly. Good job Make-up Factory!

Now let me show it on the nails. I know I already showed you this mani, but I really like it.


Next is Red Statement. A classic red for the sophisticated ladies who are reading my blog. It also went on very nicely and dried well too. It is a good staple if you love red polishes or if you don’t and want to get your first red polish. I feel it is nicely opaque and very uncomplicated. Defenitely a good polish.


But I gotta admid, Black Glam totally stole the show :P

Make-up Factory products are available at Müller drugstores in Berlin. I am not sure if the products are still in shelves right now, but maybe you could check it out on your next visit. I am sorry this post is a bit late.

What is your first impression about these? Let me know in the comments below.

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