HAULY friday – 26 – Liri’s Beautywelt, Lovenails & Frischlackiert

Hello everyone,

it is friday again (yay! for the weekend) and therefore time for another HAULy friday.


Within the past couple of weeks I placed some orders again at Lovenails and  Liri’s Beautywelt, as well as Frischlackiert‘s Blog/Instagram Sale.

Today I would like to show you what I got.


I have to be honest, since I bought the Creative Stamper from Lovenails, I become obsessed with stamping plates. I still need some practise, but I keep buying new plates. Especially the hehe plates are really good quality. Philip told me that he could get all the lovely Ghibbli plates for me, which was great since I love Ghibbli and especially Ponyo.


picture rights reserved by

I am still waiting for a few other plates, but so far I was able to get the following:

  • hehe – 20
  • hehe – 22
  • hehe – 23
  • hehe – 63
  • hehe – 66
  • hehe – 69
  • hehe – 71
  • hehe – 72


I also ordered the QA28, M66 and JQ62.


Liri’s Beautywelt

If that was not enough, I also ordered a few things from Michi when she had a sale a few weeks ago. Again, I ordered some stamping plates and eye shadow.


Dream Girl stamping plates (~3 € each)

picture rights reserved by www.liris-beautywelt.de





I thought the plates were pretty cute. Each plate had something on it that I thought I really needed. #07 got the Elephant (I love them), #10 got the nail polish bottles (who are we kidding?), #11 is full of x-mas designs and #15 got some essentials like cupcake and in general cute things.

technic eye shadow palette 36 (~8 €)

This is basically a whole lot of bright popping colored eye shadows. I thought they would be great for Halloween or carnival make-ups. Oh well, sorry I didn’t have time to make either of them :P




I swatched them for you with the primer from p2. The colors are good I think, but might be better if you really build them up on your lids.



wet n wild – comfort zone color icon collection (6,50 €)

Another eye shadow palette I heard great things about is this one from wet n wild. This might be really great for beginners since it’s highly pigmented (with and without primer great color payoff) and tells you were to put the colors.


picture rights reserved by

As you can see, the colors look a bit different on the shop pictures then on mine, but I feel my pictures show the true colors really well.



I love especially the brown tones. I swatched them left top to bottom and right top to bottom, also with primer on top and without at the bottom of my arm.


I haven’t used it on my eyes yet, but I think these are great shadows. Perfect for fall!

Last but not least is a small haul of three polishes I got from dear Steffi at www.frischlackiert.de

She decided to sell a few of her polishes (rarely used and un-used), which was a great chance for me to get 2 Color Alike polishes (2,50 € each) and one more ANNY polish (5 €).

The two polishes I got from Color Alike are from two different collections.

pastel holo collection

color alike pastell holo

This collection includes four very pretty pastel holographic polishes. Steffi sold me #513, a pretty turkquoise holo polish that looks like it also has a slightly gold shimmer to it.



top: three thin coats
bottom: silver base + 1 coat 513



I think this picture shows best how the polish looks like. I applied it over a white base to get a nice opaque finish.


One might think it is similar to C03 Holo In One from Catrice, but it’s not. As you can see I applied this polish on my ring finger and the look totally different.


holographic-jelly collection

color alike holo jelly

The next polish is part of the 5 polish holographic-jelly collection. Steffi sold the purple one #531, which is also very pretty.



top: 3 coats
bottom: purple base + 1 coat 531

When I swatched these, I realized that they were both pretty sheer. So if you want an opaque finish, you have to apply several coats or a matching base color.

ANNY – 576 kissing frog


This is seriously a stunning green. It is also pretty sheer, but I think it is fine when applied over white or a light green polish. I love green so this was must have for me.


What do you think? Do you have any favorite stamping plate or polish? Let me know.

 photo Mara2.jpg


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