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Hello everyone,

today I would like to share another one of my cake creations with you.

Since I have posted a few Breaking Bad nail designs on here, you might realized that I am crazy about this show. This is all thanks to my brother who actually got me to watch it.

He loves the show almost as much as I do so for his Birthday this year I made him this cake.

I mixed up my regular cake recipe and separated it in two equal parts. I colored one part blue and left the other one white/light. I took my 26cm ⌀ cake pan and put blobs of each cake batter into the pan. Make sure to alternate the colors when doing it and continue until the batter is all used up. I actually had so much batter that I used two cake pans.

This is how it should look like.



When the cake was done baking and cooling I cute off the domes and mixed up my icing which consists of butter, icing sugar and Philadelphia. After that was all cooperated together I took some lemon jam, folded it under and put it between the two cakes.

After that I crumb coated the cake and let it set in the fridge for 20 minutes while I was rolling out my white fondant.  I used  THE MAT from Sweetwise (PRO size) which is a great tool for me to roll out the fondant super thin and place it on top of the cake easily. It also prevents the fondant from drying out too fast, so you can even step away from the fondant until you use it. That was what I did when taking the cake out of the fridge and coating it with another thin layer of icing (without the lemon jam). I popped it into the fridge again for 20 min and prepared my stencil.

click to view full size


I used this awesome silhouette of Walter White, printed it on a paper, place it under a clear plastic folder and cut it out with a small art cutter knife.

Please visit Eva’s blog post, she shows the process of stencling very well.

The original inspiration for this cake came from her. She is also super sweet. I mailed a few times back and forth with her and she gave me some great tips on how to do the stencling.

I did it the same way Eva did. Took my stencil, decided where it looked best and secured it in place with toothpicks. Make sure not to poke them in too strongly if you use the gel stencling method or it will be difficult to cover up these holes^^

I actually ordered original Royal Icing in black so I could use the exact same method Eva used, but DHL f***ed up again with the delivery and drove my ingredients around Berlin for 3 days instead of giving them to me. That lead to me not getting the Royal Icing in time. So I used black gel food color and a clean silicone-free make-up sponge to sponge tiny amounts of food color on the areas needed.

After that was done and the gel still wet I used some of my self-made blue sugar rocks to slap on some fake crystal-meth and was left with this

Breaking Bad cake blog

I was and still am very happy with the result and my brother loved his birthday cake.

What do you think? Would you be happy to get a cake like this?

 photo Mara2.jpg


[you can find my baked creations on ]


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