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Good evening lovelies,

tonight I would like to introduce you to the neon beach nail sticker collecction by California Nails.

In my previous posts I already told you a little bit about the Company and also their awesome toe nail tips. You can find the links to these posts at the bottom of today’s review.


The neon beach nail sticker collection was part of the package I received recently.



I was lucky enough to get all four colors, which I really appreciate, because first of all I love neons and second of all the quality is amazing!

The neon beach nail sticker collection comes in four colors:


  • neon yellow
  • neon orange
  • neon pink
  • neon green

First of all I want to apologize for the following pictures. It is really difficult to catch the neon-ness under artificial light.





All nail stickers come in a cute card like “packaging”, including a step by step instruction and come with 20 different sized stickers.

How do you apply them?

  • file your nails
  • push back the cuticles
  • clean your nails off any oils or dust
  • match the stickers to your nails, if needed cut them to size
  • take them off the paper and put them on to your nails
  • press them down firmly and make sure to get the edges without any wrinkles
  • cut off the excess sticker and file off the rest
  • if you would like add a clear top coat

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I added a fast drying top coat from Ciaté, but it splitted right off after a day^^
So maybe use a different clear polish :)

On the following pictures you can see how difficult it is to catch the pretty neon, which makes me a bit sad. It is much more beautiful.
I paired the neon orange nail stickers with the current nail stickers from p2’s some like it hot LE.







Today I also took pictures under direct sunlight hoping to catch the neon a bit better.

I really like these nail stickers and I pry that they will come out with way more colors and designs. I have never used nail stickers that applied that easy and without any folds and wrinkes.
Sadly today, only after one day I had to take them off, because two of my nails broke off. But the good thing about this is that I know now that you can simply peel them off without damaging your natural nails.

If you would like to let them know how you like the neon beach collection or which colors you would like, send them an e-mail at stick@c-nails.com

Their online shop is available since beginning of 2015. You can order within Germany and pay in advance by bank transfer or paypal.

The code [SEXYNAILSXX] will get you 10 % off your order.




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Have a great day

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