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Goog eveening lovelies,

today I would like to show you the first products from Absolute New York and Nicka K. Ney York, which I won on facebook a few weeks ago.


I tried the products and was quite intruiged by their quality, which led me to ask if they would be willing to send me a wider range of products from both brands so I could test them out and give you my honest opinion.

They did send me different products for the eyes, lips, nails and skin from both brands, so you can expect several posts with reviews over the next few weeks.

If you don’t know about the brands, please check my Nicka K. NY & Absolute NY introduction – where I wrote a little bit about the brands and their history.

Today I would like to show you the products I won and which got me interested in the brands and products.


  • Absolute New York – foundation primer – NF080
  • Absolute New York – nail lacquer – NFB21 Ivory #2
  • Absolute New York – nail lacquer – NFB27 Fire Brick
  • Absolute New York – beauty mark – ABM03 Star
  • Absolute New York – true palettes – NF070 Nude
  • Absolute New York – eyebrow pencil – WELCHER?????
  • Absolute New York – shimmer eyeliner – NF008 Green

After I received these products I swatched and tried them, was wondering if I should post directly or wait for the others to arrive so I could devide the reviews into face/eye make-up; lip products; skin care; and two seperate posts about Absolute NY and Nicka K NY nail polishes.

I waited and thought it would be best for you if I divided the blog posts by subject rather then doing a MASSIVE post.

Is that okay for you?
Let me know which make-up interests you the most.


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