[sponsored] California Nails – introduction

Hello everyone,

today I would like to introduce to you another brand which I recently discovered through my friend Heidi (www.heidispolish.com).


“California Nails – Like sunshine everyday …”

… that is the motto and philosophy of California Nails.
Everyday they would want you to look and feel like it is a wonderful day at the beach with your feet in the sand and your friends on your side.

California Nails actually produced their first nail stickers in 2012, the neon beach nail sticker collection.
The collection is as successful as ever and a real eye catcher, especially during summer. The collection consists of four colors:


  • neon yellow
  • neon orange
  • neon pink
  • neon green

In 2013 they started to devote themselves to artificial toe nails. They wanted good quality, which turned out to become a difficult task. Finally by the end of 2014 they reached the quality they were looking for. They found a nail glue that lasted a long time and artificial nails that were of strong material.

You can find an overview of the current designs here.

Here are some of my favorite designs.


After they have found the quality they wanted, they started to get involved with the designs and created collections.
They are always open for suggestions and creative ideas. So if you would like to participate, send them an e-mail at stick@c-nails.com

Their online shop is available since beginning of 2015. You can order within Germany and pay in advance by bank transfer or paypal.



I was lucky and got 3 packs of the toe nail tips and their neon beach collection so I can test it out for you.
Please check in on Saturday to read my first post about the toe nail tips in black with glitter and rhinestones.

What is your first impression to these kinds of products?


Have a great day

 photo Mara2.jpg


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