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Good evening everyone,

today I want to review the pretty polishes from wet n wild (Website USA | Ger / Facebook USA | Ger), which I got about 4 weeks ago. I already showed you the products on Instagram and am really in love with the colors.

I received:

  • A018 Ferguson Crest Syrah
  • A008 Glowstick
  • 238C Party of Five Glitters
  • 407C Matte Top Coat

Beforehand I want to let you know that I will review their matte top coat separately in a few days. I have a big post about several matte top coats from different brands planned.



Ferguson Crest Syra and Glowstick


wet n wild glowstick


I was very curious about the two polishes from the Fergie Collection. They have some real gems in this collection, but especially Glowstick caught my eye. It is so bright and has a nice white pearl shimmer.


For the application you should either add a white base coat or add about 2-3 coats, depending hoe opaque you want your finish. It is really pretty nevertheless. Here I also applied wet n wild’s wild shine polish caribbean frost.


wet n wild ferguson crest syrah

Ferguson Crest Syrah is also a very gorgeous color. It is purple with a nice bronze and golden shimmer. I own a few polishes like that, but yet they are all different. This just might be the prettiest of all even though I wished the brush was nicer. I feel it kind of difficult to apply the polish with this brush, so for me there is clean up needed. If you apply it you should also try to apply thin coats and wait a while in between, else you will be left with horrible bubbles. That’s what happened to me when I used it the first time.



On the following picture I applied it together with Party of Five Glitters, a nice highly glitter polish/top coat. I used the sponge technique to get as much glitter on the nail as possible without having to apply too many coats ;)


Party of Five Glitters




Party of five glitters is a nice glitter polish in a clear base. In the close-up you can see that the glitter particles have different sizes and colors, from silver to red, pink, green and light blue. I personally think that there is a bit to much of the clear base, but you can always get a nice opaque glitter result with the sponging technique.

Thanks again to wet n wild Germany for sending these to me.

Which of these polishes is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

 photo Mara2.jpg

One thought on “[sponsored] wet n wild

  1. Oh how lucky you are! I applied for test products once and they said I am not their style lol whatever that means.
    I then went especially to the e-center by Edeka because thats were they sell the polishes. I wish they were available in more stores in Berlin. “Ferguson Crest Syrah’ is definitly the prettiest one, especially in the closeup!

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