[Review] Ciaté – Denim

Good evening lovelies,

today I want to review Ciaté’s Denim Manicure Kit.


It includes a full sized paint pot, PP067 Regatta, as well as different sized and looking studs and some white nail tattoos.



Regatta is a very pretty blue polish with silver shimmer, which dries semi matte. I really love how they mixed up the packaging by adding a blue bow made of jeans fabric.


You can get very creative with this kit. I used Ciaté’s polish PP050 ladylike luxe and added 2 thin coats on the ring finger and half of the middle finger.

I topped it with regatta as well as studs and a copper colored nail art pen from Maybelline.





I am not very happy with my version of the denim manicure, but I will try again hoping it will turn out better next time.

How do you like it?


 photo Mara2.jpg


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