[Review] Ciaté’s Mini Mani Manor 2014 (UK) – PP226 celestial

Good evening lovelies,

we are already at the last regular nail polish from Ciaté’s Mini Mani Manor Advent Calender. Today I want to review the pretty full sized polish Celestial.



This polish is a prety silver glitter polish with lots of different sized glitter particles in it and a slight purple undertone. That’s why I decided to add it on top of Ciaté’s polish sass pott from their Haute House collection. I will review that one in a few days.




I really like Celestial, it looks unique and very stunning. The application was surprisingly smooth for such a heavy glitter polish and I like how evenly the glitter spread over the nails.

How do you like this polish?

 photo Mara2.jpg


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