[Review] Ciaté Mini Mani Manor 2014 (Advent calender – UK version)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I finally have the first post of my postponed Ciaté Month 2015 for you.

I will start with Ciaté‘s Mini Mani Manor 2014 and am really excited to review this particular Advent Calender for you, because I loved the one from 2013 which I reviewed last year. I bought the 2014 Advent Calender in Ciaté’s official sale at the beginning of this year for only £15.

I really love how they improved the quality of the packaging and the calender in general. I also love the details.

Picture taken from Ciaté Website




The following pictures were taken by me


I especially loved the detail at the top of the calender. The name if Ciaté was kind of engraved to the paper carton in pretty golden color.




You open up the calender and see a cute little House that reminded me of a doll House. I found the detail here also very pretty since it reminded me of a House from the 1800.










right side


left side



On the back you could see what you can expect during the 24 days of December.



It contains 15 mini paint pot nail polishes, 1 effect top coat, 4 loose glitters, 1 loose sequin product and 1 nail tattoo.


The polishes and other products came up as shown below:

Day 1 – PPM057 – headliner
Day 2 – PPM052 – sharp tailoring
Day 3 – PPLM001 – girl with a pearl
Day 4 – PPM007 – members only
Day 5 – PPM173 – sloaney, sweetie
Day 6 – GLIM009 – runway ribbon (loose glitter)
Day 7 – PPM051 – velvet tuxedo
Day 8 – PPM065 – big yellow taxi
Day 9 – GLIM05 – prima ballerina (loose glitter) 1 | 2
Day 10 – PPM184 – mineral clarity
Day 11 – PPM079 – strawberry milkshake
Day 12 – GLIM006 – let it snow (loose glitter)
Day 13 – PPM036 – silhouette
Day 14 – PPM032 –  unrestricted glam
Day 15 – GLIM007 – slumber party (loose glitter)
Day 16 – PPM020 – cupcake queen
Day 17 – PPM133 – amazing gracie
Day 18 – SEQM006 – tinsel trail (loose sequins)
Day 19 – PPM404 – candy cane
Day 20 – GLIM008 – frozen dream (loose glitter)
Day 21 – TRAM001 – fair isle style (nail tattoos)
Day 22 – PPM013 – sand dune
Day 23 – PPM 013 – sherbet fizz
Day 24 – PP226 – celestial (full size)

When reviewing I will try to follow this order even though I will summarize the loose glitters and other non polish products.

I can tell you that there were some real surprises in this advent calender. I love how it brings me polishes I probably wouldn’t have bought separately, but I am happy I got them with the mix. A little hint, you should stay tuned for mineral clarity and celestial, two of my favorite polishes from the set.

I hope you are excited about the following  month as I am.

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