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Good evening lovelies,

tonight I have a very special Blog post for you.
As you know, I am lucky enough to regularly be a part of Robert Hofmann’s SocialMovieNights. Last year we watched “Purge: Anarchy”, “Dracula Untold”, “Northmen”, “Mockingjay” and “Kill the Boss 2” just to name a few of them. It is always fun to watch new movies and spend time with the community. Through my Blog post’s you also know that I always do my nails so that they match the movie we are watching. Because of Christmas and New Years the SoMoNight was on a break for a few weeks, but they are back with a super fun movie: SpongeBob Squarepants 3D!

I am so happy that I was asked to create not only a SpongeBob nail design, but also a tutorial so all of you can try it yourselves! Of course I said “YES!”.
For me this is really exciting, so I decided to not only take pictures, but do an actual video tutorial for this particular SoMoNight.

Tonight I want to show you my usual process for creating the SoMoNight nail designs and the ideas I came up with for this movie.
Even if the nails and video are not perfect, I hope you enjoy it.

Usually, right after I know which movie will be shown for the next SoMoNight, I start thinking about a possible design. I research information, watch the trailer (if I haven’t  already seen it) and search for press photos or posters.

In the case of SpongeBob, I googled images of the characters, printed them and glued them into my idea note-book.





I wrote down the important characters names and thought about which nail polishes or colors I could use, as well as which characters I want to use for my design.
Usually I only do one nail art design, but in this case I created a couple of them since I wanted to show you guys different ways of creating fun and colorful SpongeBob nails.

For the next step I use AJ’s (Nail Lacquer UK) lovely nail templates in the shape of my current nails. I start sketching what I have in mind and later color the sketches.




Here is the draft for my different SpongeBob inspired nails. I would say they have different difficulty levels so I think anyone could try out at least one of the designs.

After I have decided which design I wanted to go for I started by using a base coat first. I love Sally Hansen’s Complete Care base coat. It dries fast and protects your natural nails.


What did I use for the nail design in the video?

  •  Ciaté – PP122 Hoopla (right hand for Patrick Star)
  • Ciaté – PP151 Loop the Loop (left hand for SpongeBob)

Those colors are more on the discreet pastel side. If you want to use brighter colors you can also use PP101 – kiss chase (pink) or PP065 – big yellow taxi, both also from Ciaté.



I also used normal acrylic paint, general art supplies, my already pre-cut paint brushes ….



…. as well as different sized dotting tools, cotton pads and a small bowl with water.


To finish off and seal in the design you should use a fast drying top coat. I used Ciaté’s Speed Coat Pro.

Start by applying one coat of base coat and let it dry. Then apply 2 coats of pink on the right hand and 2 coats of yellow on the left hand. Let it dry properly and if you’d like, apply the fast drying top coat.

Your nails should look like this.



Here is the complete video for this manicure. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, thanks to the acrylic paint and water you can always wipe off and re-do what you weren’t happy with.


Please visit my YouTube Channel and Subscribe if you liked what I did. I will try to improve and upload more videos in the future.

Here is the finished look




Here is another quick photo tutorial if you want a more simple look.

Start with clean nails and add a base coat.


After that dried apply french nail strips from any brand – I used Essence.


Apply a bright blue polish that reminds you of the ocean.


If you’d like, add a shimmering blue polish on top and immediately take off the strips.


Add a clear shimmering top coat onto the whole nail to simulate the sparkle of the sun in the water.


Using a dotting tool add different sized dots using white polish and continue with different non-opaque blue shimmer polishes.


Now you have a cute and simple bubbly manicure.


For the more advanced nail art creators among yourselves, you could also try the following design.


I am not that advanced, so I messed up at some parts, but that’s okay :D







I would really like to hear what you think about these designs and the video of course.

If you are curious about the movie, please watch the super fun trailer.

The original title is “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water”
The movie is an american animated/live action adventure comedy film, based on the Nickelodeon television series SpongeBob SquarePants and is scheduled to be released on February 6, 2015.

Have a great night!

 photo Mara2.jpg


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As always, a big thank you to the team behind Robert – PureOnline: Website | FB | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Most of the pictures at the events are taken by RedCarpetReports: Website | FB


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