[sponsored] ANNY – 046 private party

Good evening lovelies,

I hope all of you are fine and you are looking forward to the Ciaté Month which will start tomorrow. But before that I have a nice polish review on ANNY’s no. 046 private party from their current “celebrities only edition.


This is a super pretty rouge noir (red/black) polish with a satin finish. From the moment I saw it on the press pictures I was in love with this polish. It is so unique and elegant. I also love the satin finish.

It has a wide brush which makes the application easier, but I must honestly say that I had some problems applying the polish at the beginning, which is why I had to clean up the edges on every nail. I am not sure if it was the consistency or the brush, but I had to get used to it. The polish is quiet thick and creamy but super opaque which I really love. I applied two think coats even though one good coat would have been enough as well. The polish dries very fast and the satin finish is really pretty.

photographed in my mini photo studio under artificial light




photographed in direct sunlight




I really love this polish, especially under direct sunlight and in combination with gold.

Thanks again to ANNY for sending it through.

What do you think?

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[Movie / TV Reviews] Introduction

Good evening everyone,

tonight I have a quick update for you. Due to my passion for Movies and TV Shows I am opening a new Category on my Blog where I would like to write my personal Opinions about Movies or TV Shows I saw.

I hope this Category will a place to turn for you when you have one of those nights when you think about what you should watch. But I would also love to hear your opinions and recommendations.

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Ciaté Month 2015 – postponed

Hello everyone,

as you might have seen, so far I wasn’t able to post a single post for the Ciaté Month in February.
I am very sorry about that, but due to some private matters I simply didn’t have the time. I will postpone the Ciaté Month, I will not cancle!

Right now I hope I will be able to do the Ciaté Month in March. but I am not sure yet. I will let you guys know.

I hope you can understand.

Take care

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