[Review] Rossmann Christmas Box

Good evening everyone,

I know I am late, but today I am reviewing the Christmas Blogger Box from Rossmann which most Bloggers got around the middle of December. Due to some circumstances my package did not get to me in time, but the lovely Blogger team from Rossmann was so kind to send me the box again. I already saw what was in the Box all over Instagram but that’s okay. It actually made me even happier because I was really looking forward to the products.

Let’s take a look at the Box



I was so surprised of how pretty the box is! All the pictures I have seen on the Internet didn’t do it justice. It is such a cute purple and white winter wonderland pattern. I will keep it and use it to wrap and send over some Christmas presents to my best friend in Japan by the end of this year. She will surely love it as much as I do.


Inside the box you could find a Christmas Card and a press paper that included information about all the products that were included.



What was inside?

  • For your Beauty face-peeling pad
  • Weleda MEN active-shower gel
  • Rexona cotton deodorant spray
  • Pantene Pro-V dry-oil
  • Essence lash princess mascara
  • Sebamed body-milk
  • Tetesept bath salt – time for you
  • ISANA men Q10 roll on eye gel
  • NEUTROGENA hand creme with nordic berry
  • Colgate total whitening tooth paste


NEUTROGENA hand creme with nordic berry

YAY! for Neutrogena Hand Creme, it is prefect for my everyday bag. I love their cremes because my hands tend to get dry at work. I am very happy about this product.

Essence lash princess mascara

This is the only product I will try, but probably give to someone else. I do not use make up that often anymore and I already have 2 of the Manhattan Supreme Lash Mascara which I got with all those Birthday Colours polishes a wile ago. There is no way I can use that many Mascara^^

Sebamed body-milk

One of the great products I was really looking forward to. I am sure we will use this body milk, since my boyfriend and I have sensitive skin with dry spots, especially during winter.

Rexona cotton deodorant spray

A nice small bottle of spray deodorant, great for my everyday work bag. Rexona makes great deodorants, so I am sure I will use this regularly.

ISANA men Q10 roll on eye gel

One of the two products they included for men. My boyfriend might try it or he might not. We will see, but I am happy they not only included products for women.

Weleda MEN active-shower gel

I was very happy to see that they included another product for men and even happier when I saw it was from Weleda, which is a great company for sensitive as my boyfriend has it. He doesn’t use many products because his skin reacts negatively.

For your Beauty face-peeling pad

A year or so ago I bought the peeling pad from Ebelin, which looks very similar. I am excited to see how this one is working.

Tetesept bath salt – time for you

I am a big fan of the Tetesept bath products. I regularly buy them and use them, so I was happy I got this one. I used it before it is really relaxing and calming after a stressful day.

Thanks again to Rossmann for sending this cute Christmas present full of nice products. I really appreciate it!

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Miss Étoile order

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

are you ready for a cuteness overload?!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I won a Coupon for the Miss Étoile Online Store, because I entered my dear NostalgiaQueen’s giveaway in December. It actually took me a while to place my order since at that time they didn’t have in stock what I wanted to order. A few days ago that changed and I was super excited to finally pick and order what I wanted to get. Only 2 days later I received a big package with all the precious items, carefully wrapped.




What did I order?

Right away, when I saw the giveaway and NostalgiaQueen’s Blog Post I immediately fell in love with the Les yeux collection, especially all the cute cups. They totally remind me of my favorite Disney Story The Beauty and the Beast.

I went through their Online Shop and picked the following:

left: ceramic cup | right: ceramic dessert bowl



I love the cup and the dessert bowl, imagining that they would be perfect for a relaxed Saturday when I enjoy a hot chocolate and ice cream or drinking tea from the cup while blogging. The details are simply the cutest and I love their little faces.

porcelain cups with handle (female and male)


The cups with handles and the small bowl almost look like a family and it is so cute. Green is one of my favorite colors so I could not resist to get this little one, matching the parents. The mom is nice and detailed with pretty lashes and a blue bottom, while the dad has a green bottom and closed eyes. Little bowly also has his eyes closed with a pretty golden detail on top.

small porcelain bowl in green



The two cups with handles are a perfect match and there is no doubt that if you get one of these, you would have to get the other one as well. I love the details inside the cups, especially the bow is so stunningly gorgeous and looks very vintage.






The cheeks are nice and pink, almost as if they were blushing. It is simply adorable.


Miss Etoile has so many other cute things and like I said, especially the Les yeux items bring a little bit of fairy tale spark into your home.

I also would have bought a teapot and one of their lamps, but sadly my bank account didn’t allow that.

Aren’t they stunning?

Teekanne - Les Yeux

schöne teekannen-lampe miss etoile les yeux
pictures taken from Miss Étoile Website


Please check their Website and tell me which item is your favorite. I would love to know! Maybe you will also find something you would like to order.

A big thank you again to NostalgiaQueen for hosting such a great Giveaway and to Miss Étoile for providing the coupon I won and for making all these pretty products!

It would be lovely if you would check and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.

NostalgiaQueen Facebook
NostalgiaQueen Instagram

Miss Étoile Facebook
Miss Étoile Instagram

I hope you have a great night, I will drink a good night tea out of my new Les yeux cup now.

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rant – tabloid press

Good evening everyone,

today I would like to talk about something that is not nail or in general beauty related. If you don’t care, you can stop reading now, but I would really appreciate if you would take the time to read a little about a piece of my mind. The following topic is really important to me.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I was able to attend the world premiere of Johnny Depp’s new movie “Mortdecai” in Berlin on Sunday.

Thanks to the tabloid press you might also know that people felt that Johnny was not really “there”. Of course they also felt the need to talk about so they reported about him being drunk or at least having a hangover. Already on Saturday they reported that he was seen drinking in an italian Restaurant in Berlin. People joked about it and made fun of him. They also judged about him and said that he had a drinking for most of the time of his career, which now causes him to make bad movie choices and ruining his career. Without even knowing his side of the story they kept making up suspicions and judging about him and his private life. This kind of behavior is typical for the public and especially tabloid press and I have to say that it really makes me sick. It shows, that throughout the years, humans haven’t learned anything.

I feel very disgusted that no one seems to take the time to actually think about their side of the story.
How dare you to view, judge and gossip about those people – or even make up lies about them? Celebrities are people just like you and me. Just because they are public figures and always followed by photographers and press, doesn’t give them the right to behave like that. People like, in this case, Johnny Depp also have good and bad days. They do have problems like any other human on this planet. They suffer and they often struggle with depressions and anxiety, sometimes even a lack of trust, because they feel that people don’t really care about them and only want to be around them because they are famous. I even say that they even make more bad experiences with people, because so many people want a piece of them simply because they are famous. Those people do not care that this kind of behavior can psychologically break them. How would you feel if millions of people love you and want to be around you as long as you are “in”, but toss you away as soon as they have enough of you?
Living a public life is a lot of pressure and I wouldn’t want to switch places. Everyone makes mistakes and many of those are bad enough without the whole world looking and judging you.

In the case of Johnny Depp I would just like to say that it doesn’t matter how he appeared on the red carpet. Even if he was hungover or even drunk – who are we to judge? He had his reasons and it is not up to us to judge him! Can’t we just be sympathetic and accept it as him having a bad day?

I think people should stop gossiping and judging people and instead look into the mirror and start think about themselves and working on their own problems.

Now you might wonder why I care. Simply because I do. I am a human and I can feel for people who have to deal with all those things above and even more.

I’d hate to see another human break  down because of this public hunt.
We have already lost too many good people because of this.


Just because you read it in a magazine
or see it on the TV screen don’t make it factual ….. you’re so damn disrespectable” – Michael Jackson (Tabloid Junkie)


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