Sunday Mani 25 – scaryween 2

Hello everyone,

since  I haven’t posted a Halloween Mani in a while, I thought today I would surprise you with two posts. A new Sunday Mani being one of them :)

I hope you enjoy it.




polishes I used

on my thumb:

  • Sally Hansen – 670 Midnight in NY
  • SPARITUAL – intuition
  • Halloween stamping plate from Tedi with Essence stampy polish 001 stamp me! white

on my pointy finger:

  • ORLY – tropical pop
  • wet n wild – fast dry – E222C
  • Manhattan – 1010N and a thin brush to draw on the pumpkins face

on my middle finger:

  • pop beauty – 37 foggy
  • O.P.I. – alpine snow, to draw on the ghosts body
  • Manhattan – 1010N, to dot on the ghosts face

on my ring finger:

  • O.P.I. – alpine snow
  • Manhattan – 1010N and a thin brush to draw on the mummy’s face and black lines

on my pinky finger:

  • Sally Hansen – 670 Midnight in NY
  • Halloween stamping plate from Tedi with Catrice Luxury Lacquers – Co1 Holo Manolo from the Holomania LE to stamp on the spider
  • Astor – Nail Artist glitter – 213109 as a top coat


Even if this is rather cute then scary, I hope you enjoy it :)

Have a great Sunday




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a merry Ciaté Christmas 2014 – what’s new

Hello everyone,

for some of you it might be too early, but I am fully in Christmas mood and already looking for presents for friends and family, and let’s be honest – myself haha

Last year Ciaté sold some special products for the Christmas season, like their Treet Trinkets or the Mini Mani Month Advent Calender.

Let’s see what they have to offer this year!

Tree Trinket gifts 2014 (£8 each)

Tree Trinkets

I really love the cute packaging. They do sell the same polishes they sold last year, but I can understand why. I guess it is because the ones from last year are not available anymore, but since they were super pretty (I reviewed them here) they wanted to give people, who did not buy them last year, give the chance to get them now.
This year they sell them separately instead of selling them in a set, which I can understand as well. Not all people like the same colors^^
This way you can simply just get the ones you love. What I do not understand is the price though. Last year the whole set was 15 euro, which is around 12 pound I think. This year one of the mini polishes is 8 pound which would make a total of 48 pound if you want to get all of them.

Next is the Candy Cane House (£25)

Candy Cane House 1

Candy Cane House 2

Candy Cane House 3


A super cute gift set with four scented glitter polishes. As far as I can see they mixed some red and green with silver, white and others to get a nice christmasy feeling :)

Last but not least is they wonderful Advent Calender, which is named Mini Mani Manor this year (£49)


Mini Mani Manor 11

Mini Mani Manor 2


Last year they sold different versions in the US/Europe then in the USA. I got mine on sale while we were in New York at the beginning of January. I really loved this! Opening a new door everyday, getting a new polish of great quality – what more can you ask for?
Especially if you don’t own many or no Ciaté polishes, this is a great way to get into it and try many different colors and nail design essentials (glitter, sequins) for a fair price. Even though I own a lot of Ciaté polishes so far, I would still love to get this, because from the pictures I can tell that I don’t own most of them. Even if I got a few twice, I could give them to my sister. Se loves polishes as well.

If you want to see the Calender and polishes from last year, you might be interested to see my posts under the tag Mini Mani Month where I reviewed all of them.

What do you think about these?

Let me know in the comments





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