[SoMoNight] NORTHMEN a viking saga

Good evening everyone,

I know it’s late but until now (midnight) I was doing my nails for tomorrows SocialMovieNight – this time for the movie NORTHMEN a viking saga.



I am very curious about this movie, especially because this is not the type of movie I usually watch at the cinema.
I saw the trailer and got excited about the fighting sequences, the story and I am ready to be entertained. This time will be very dear to me, because for the first time I will bring my younger brother. I am happy to see his reaction to the whole social movie night and to introduce him to all those awesome people who make this possible over and over again. I hope he will enjoy it as much as I do.

For the nail design I was actually very nervous. What fits a viking movie besides a typical viking helmet, bears and maybe some weapons? I had no idea and was confronted with thing that are pretty difficult to paint on nails haha

So I decided to the basics. Mostly a grey metallic base, some brown to make it look dirty and stoney and the typical symbols.

Here is what this rather simple nail design looks like.






I finished everything off with my matte top coat from O.P.I., because I felt a shiny top coat wouldn’t go very well with this theme.

Even though it is pretty simple, I do love the matte dark nails. They pictures don’t show well, but they really do look like dirty stones and in general make the design appear harsh and strong…..viking-like I think :)

What do you think? What would you suggest for a viking inspired nail design?

Have a great night




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