[sponsored] DM – Dontodent LE – pink grapefruit

Hello lovelies,

I know I have been away far too long. Life got the best of me the past 3 weeks and I simply had to enjoy all those things that opened up to me.

Today I am back with a little review. A few weeks ago I received some new products from  the German drugstore DM.
They sent me the new pink grapefruit LE by Dontodent and also the new intensive clean toothbrush and toothpaste so I could try them out.


I regularly buy Dontodent products, because I really think they are good quality for a fair price. In general I love the DM brands like Balea, Ebelin and well Dontodent. They also have their own range of household products, candles, pet food and pet products in general etc.

Trust me, I tried A LOT of the DM products, my boyfriend always makes fun of me for spending so much time at this drugstore.
Of course they do have products I didn’t like that much, but most of the things I tried I really liked.

No matter if sponsored or not, I will honestly tell what I think.

Let’s go

Dontodent – pink grapefruit mouthwash 

IMG_1493 IMG_1494


I am quite sure girls who love pink and grapefruits, would really like this product. I felt the mouth wash was very refreshing and it also smells so good. My boyfriend told me he could really smell and taste the grapefruit when I kissed him. He did use it though, because he is pretty sensitive to mouthwash.

This mouthwash is basically alcohol free (ethanol free), which I really like. I don’t like mouthwash’s that have this super strong, almost burning, alcohol taste. You use it as probably every mouthwash, sip a bit, rinse for about 20 seconds and wash your mouth with clean water. Make sure not to swallow^^
That would be a bit gross I guess.

The bottle is huge, so you get a lot of product (500 ml) for the small price of only 1,15 euro.


Dontodent – pink grapefruit toothpaste and intensive clean toothpaste

IMG_1495 IMG_1496


I bought the intensive clean toothpaste a while ago, but apprenetly it has a new formula now. I was pretty happy with the “old” one, so I haven’t gotten around to try this one now. I wanted to concentrate on the pink grapefruit toothpaste and use it for a few weeks so I could give an honest opinion.

The toothpaste has a nice smell and taste to it. It foams nicely when you brush your teeth and I feel it also did a good job on cleaning my teeth. Again, if you like grapefruit, this might be a nice option for you – to get a good alternative to the usual menthol or mint flavored toothpastes.

You get 125 ml each for 0,75 euro.



Dontodent – intensive clean toothbrush



This is my absolute favorite product from this sample mail. I love the way the bristles are aranged and I love that it is not too hard, not too soft – it’s just right! I am usually very sensitive when it comes to toothbrushes, which is why I normally use my electric toothbrush.

But it was not hard to use and try this one out for about a month now. Definite recommendation.

This would definitely be my go to travel toothbrush. I just wish they would have them in different colors and maybe also sell travel cases for them :)
Recently I wanted to buy a few more of them as stock, but my DM sadly didn’t have them. I hope I will be able to get them at the other DM which is also near my place.

Price: 0,85 euro



intensive care toothbrush with pink grapefruit toothpaste


I was pretty happy with these products. The grapefruit flavor is a thing of personal taste and preference though. For the price you have nothing to loose, so maybe give it a try.

Thanks again to Tanja and Arndt for sending these products to me, so I could try them out. You know, I always love to try new products.


Have a great night



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