Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 18

Mara's Birthday nail art month

DAY 18

Hey everyone,

did you see me crazy colorful dotticure from Mara’s Birthday Nail Art Month – DAY 2?
Today I have a more discreet one for you, using only pastel colors.

Here is what I used:

  • Ciaté – PP151 Loop the Loop
  • Ciaté – PP104 pepperminty
  • Maybelline – Colorshow – LE Bleached Neons – 241 sun flare, 242 coral heat, 243 tropink, 244 chic chartreuse
  • ORLY – harmonious mess
  • O.P.I. – my boyfriend scales walls

For this manicure all you need are the different colors and a dotting tool. Just like the other mani I already showed you, start dotting the colors onto the nail. You can mix up bigger and smaller dots if you want. I only used the end creating bigger dots. Start with one color dotting away on each nail. After that use the next color and continue until there are no blank spots left.

This is without a top coat


This is with O.P.I.’s matte top coat


I like the pastel version of this manicure better than the colorful one.

How do you feel about it?




7 thoughts on “Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 18

  1. I kind of like it, but the photos are too bright for me. Maybe it’s my screen (although I don’t have that problem while watching/reading other blogs), but whenever you do a bright mani, I can’t see it properly :(

    • yes I know what you mean. I am not sure but I think it is partically because of my Laptop screen which I am editing my pictures on. Plus my ability of taking good pictures, especially with bright Manicures or when I use white polish or so.
      I know I still have to learn a lot. I hope the blogger event in Düsseldorf in 3 weeks will help me with that.

      Thanks for your constructive critisism.

      • You’re welcome :). I struggle with photos too, although I’ve been blogging over a year already.
        Good luck for the event and I hope it will help :)

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