[Review] Maybelline Colorshow – 353 red & 654 superpower blue

Hey everyone,

from the lovely Colorshow polishes I bough recently



I want to show you the next two.

353 red

I think I already review this polish in my week of the red’s. Until now I haven’t realized that I already own this polish haha

Make it short: a nice red polish, good application, usual normal brush, dry time totally fine.





654 superpower blue

This is a bright blue color. They called it superpower blue – why? I have no clue. If they named it that way because of superman, fine….I associated it with Kryptonite, then I realized Kryptonite was not blue but more green-ish.

All above goes for this polish as well. For this price, with this quality a good polish.
I kind of am at a loss for words for these Colorshows, because what more can I say?





Do you own any Colorshow polishes that you can recommend? Any nice colors?
Let me know!




5 thoughts on “[Review] Maybelline Colorshow – 353 red & 654 superpower blue

  1. I would recommend the shade Coral Craze! It is a pastel coral, and perfect for the summers! Its my favourite :P

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