[Review] p2 -match it! – black and white

Hey everyone,

a while ago I bought some of the p2 match it! polishes who were worldcup / soccer themed polishes.
They were sold in different colors.

p2 LE Match It


I bought the black and white one because BillchensBeautyBox told me that especially the white one is great.
Since I am always on the lookout for good affordable black and white polishes I was checking these out.

So far the white polish form wet n wild (wild shine) was my favorite white polish. The p2 one could not top that.
Don’t get me wrong, it is a good and opaque polish BUT the brush ruins it. It is too thin and therefor the application is streaky.
The wide wet n wild brush make the application much easier.

But see yourself.

one coat


two coats


2 on the left -> wet n wild
2 on the right -> p2


p2- match it! in black




The black one has the same thin brush which I am not a fan of. Why do companies do that? I feel especially black and white polishes need to have wider brushes so the application is as easy and even as possible. White polishes show off every mistake and I experienced that it is much easier to get a clean curve at the cuticle area if the polish has a wide brush.

I say thin brushes are a no-go especially for black and white polishes!

What do you think?




please comment here, telling me what you think about my idea for my birthday month.




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