[Review] Sally Hansen – two for one – bleach babe & shell we dance

Hey everyone,

as I told you about two weeks ago, I bought the set two polishes for the price of one from Sally Hansen.
I choose number 171 bleach babe, which came with number 160 shell we dance.



Today I want to review them.

First up is “bleach babe“, a nice white polish with a pearl shimmer.
I was pretty worried that this might be just another non opaque white polish. I was wrong. The polish is super smooth and easy applied. The consistency is perfect and the color opaque. I really love it. I think I even like it better than white polishes without pearl shimmer.




The free polish is a bit more tricky. It is basically just a hint of color, maybe enough as a base for your french manicure.

two coats “shell we dance“

You can see this polish is not opaque at all, not even with three coats.
But maybe it wasn’t meant to be…..



three coats “shell we dance”




Do you see what I mean? Do you own these? How do you like them?


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