[sponsored] Rituals no.1

Hey lovelies,

the whole moving and arranging things in the new apartment is pretty exhausting, BUT on Saturday my life has been saved :)

I received a sample package from the PR agency of Rituals, with three great products in it.

Let’s see what I got :D


Flower Shower Foam

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A limited edition of the Rituals shower foams. This is from their Indian Summer line.
The used natural ingredients of White Lotus and Bergamot provide a wonderfully fresh fragrance.

I love these shower foams, because they feel so luxurious on the skin and smell so nice.
I am a big fan of the discreet ones like the one from their Sakura Line which is called Zensation, T’ai chi or this one from their Indian Summer Line.

You just take a little bit of the gel which, when it gets in contact with water, transforms into a rich soothing foam.
There are also lots of other things like Fragrance Sticks, Candles or other body treatments like their body cream or shower oil.

I personally would love to try the candle, since I already own the green tea candle called tea time and I love it.


Rituals Flowers of India


Mini Nail Varnish – 2206 Seafoam
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This puppy was also in the package. A nice turquoise long-lasting nail polish with a hint of a golden shimmer in it.
I couldn’t wait to try it and must say I really like the color. The application was also pretty easy even though it took me a minute to get used to the brush. Not that it is a difficult brush to work with, but I am more used to the wider brushes.




How do you like the color?

Quick Dry Drops

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The perfect match for the polish are these Quick Dry Drops which they also sent to me. So far I only tried the ones from Essence, which sadly always make my polishes bubble up. These from Rituals are much better. I tried them twice already. Once with a KOH polish I recently bought and with this polish from Rituals. Both times I used it I had no problems at all and they worked very well.

I saw that they not only sell more colors of polish, but also a nail cuticle treatment, a nail corrector pen as well as a nail polish remover and nail files.

Would love to try the cuticle treatment. I currently use the one from p2 which is ok but I feel a real treatment should do more^^

Have you tried anything from the Rituals product you can recommend to me?
I would love to read your opinion.


Have a great night