[sponsored] Make up factory no.1

Hello everyone,

last week I got another nail mail package from Make up factory.
I am really thankful to be able to try out all these new brands I haven’t used before. I love trying new brands and especially to tell YOU about them.

Make up factory sen a sweet letter and one of their polishes as well as one of their Eye Shadows. Both products are from their current Rush of Colors Edition.

It seems they must have talked to Faby before they send this, because they also sent a pink polish haha
No hard feelings, even though I would have preferred another color :)

The Eye Shadow is green, which I love, because I like green^^
So it is all good.





Eye Shadow – 62 – Runaway Green





All of their products are demagogically approved.
This products is a baked eye shadow with exceptional shimmer effects. You can apply this dry or wet, if you want a more intense effect.

That’s how it looks.


I must say it felt very nice and smooth and so far the color pay-off was good.

The nail polish is number 449 – pink eyecatcher. As I said, I would have preferred the nude beige / brown polish from this collection, but if you love pink, this might just be the right color for you. It is such a nice bright Barbie pink polish and the quality is very good as well. These polishes cost around 8-9 euro, a fair price since the quality is right.






What do you think? Do you own any Make up factory products?
Let me know your recommendations.