[Review] KIKO – 466 + 382

Hey everyone,

I have the best timing ever…..I got sick. Seriously, now?
The worst, since we are busy moving or preparing to move. Anyway, good thing is the doctor told me to stay home and rest.

Time to lay in bed and watch my favorite TV shows or do my nails^^

Today we are almost done with my KIKO collection. Tomorrow will follow the last post, with my last 2 KIKO polishes.
After that you can expect some different things, like another soccer inspired nail art, reviews to the polishes I got at the BeautyBloggerCafé Event and more fun stuff.

I was wondering if you have requests or would like to see different things then I am posting right now.
Feel free to ask in the comments below.

For now…..

466 – DENIM LE



I am super in love with this polish and if I get to the KIKO store again, I might buy more from this LE, IF they still sell them.
This is a super nice grey polish with a matte finish. It is perfect for any occasion. The quality is great, even though it dries very fast and therefor the matting effect sets in pretty quickly.









This one here is a simple dark grey polish with a shiny finish. Nothing special here, just a nice grey polish perfect for everything :P






I like both polishes, they offer good quality and the price was awesome. I think everyone needs a good grey polish in their collection.

How do you like these?