[Review] KIKO – 517 + 524

Hey everyone,

I hope you had a better day then I did. Somehow everything that could go wrong is actually going wrong with the new apartment.

Now I am just looking forward to a nice relaxed evening with my BF. But before that, the next two polishes from my KIKO collection. Don’t worry, there are only four more left :)




Such a pretty grey shimmer polish. I used this in my recent Sunday Mani.
The quality is just as good as all the other I reviewed so far. The consistency is good, the application as well and the dry time was good.






I am in love with this grey polish, it somewhat shimmers silvery and kinda blue-ish.




Do you see this awesome shimmer? In the bottle you can see different shades of blue, even purple. When I saw it in store I simply had to buy it :)





I am a little sad, because the pictures don’t really show the beauty of this polish. Maybe if you have the chance, get it in store or online. I think it is a really nice color, pretty unique.

How do you like these?



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