[Review] KIKO – 530 + 529

Good evening everyone,

today I want to review the next two polishes from my KIKO collection. I am again not feeling so well which is why I am gonna cut right to the chase.




What a pretty polish, I think this went right into the cart together with those two polishes from yesterday. I just love the sparkle. This also reminds me of the ocean, so I think it is perfect for summer.

The quality is as good as the polishes from yesterday. The consistency is good and liquid, the application easy and the dry time a dream :)










A lot darker, but just as pretty :)
Can you tell I like blue? I think blue polishes is what I wear the most? Well maybe as well as beige or brown polishes.

This one looks darker on the nails and it also has a nice shimmer in different blue shades a little bit of purple.
I think with all the blue polishes I bought (and there will be more to come), I could make nice gradient nail designs.







What do you see? Which colors can you make out?




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