[Review] KIKO – 533 + 532

Hey everyone,

even though today is a holiday I am moving on with the regular posts, showing you two more polishes from my KIKO collection.

First up 533



This super pretty bright green polish with golden shimmer in it is perfect for summer. It reminds me of green grass and palm trees on the beach. The consistency is nice and liquid, so it is easy to apply. In the future I will apply 2 -3 coats since in the picture I had only 2 coats and at the tips its a bit see through. The dry time was also pretty good.






Moving on to the next polish, 532


I loooooooved how this looked in the bottle. When I first saw this in store I got lost in the shimmer. It is so pretty…..I can’t even tell you….. While the polish above reminded me of the grass and the palm trees, this one certainly reminds me of the ocean as I imagine it on the Maldives. I definitely want to travel there and stay in a water bungalow……

Anyway, this polish has such a nice shimmer that I want to dive right into it haha

As for the consistency and everything else, it is as good as the one above. One more reason to love it and wear it a lot during summer.






As soon as I saw them in store I fell in love with these two, I think I even squeaked a bit when I saw them haha

How do you like these? Let me know in the comments and have a great Monday.