[Review] KIKO – 255 + 493

Hey everyone,

I haven’t forgotten :)

Here is today’s post on the next two KIKO polishes.



This is a nice purple polish with silver / blue glimmer in it. Since I am a glitter fanatic I had to buy this polish. Also the purple really got my attention. I felt it is slightly darker and because of that very pretty.

The application was easy since the polish, as most KIKO polishes, is not too creamy. I applied two coats here.







When I saw this polish, the first thing I thought was BAM!

This is such a great bright red with a lovely silver glimmer in it and therefor a great shine. I think right now this is, besides the p2 LE summer attack – red, one of my favorite red polishes. If you love red polishes, you need to get this :D

The application was good and the dry time a dream^^
I applied two coats, but since it was a swatch application, I did not top it with a clear coat. When I apply it for wear, I defenitely will though.






How do you like these?




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