[Review] KIKO – 511 + 497

Hey lovelies,

today I wan to review the next 2 polishes from my KIKO collection.




Oh god, I fell in love with this polish when I saw it. It is a really nice rose glitter / silver shimmer polish and even though I don’t wear pink or rose polishes too much, I needed to have this one.






I tried to show the shimmer so I held the fingers in two different angles.
I really love this polish. The application was easy, the color pay-off is good and I totally love the shimmer.





In the bottle this polish looks like a nice dark purple color with some lighter purple pink shimmer in it. If you check the pictures, you can see that it looks even darker though. For me no problem, because I think it is a nice alternative to black polish if you want dark nails but a little more interesting.






Do you see how lovely it shimmers?

The basic information for this polish is the same as for the one on the top. It is a bit more creamy, but the color pay-off is really good and the application was pretty easy as well. You put on either one good coat or two normal ones.

How do you like these two polishes?
Let me know.




2 thoughts on “[Review] KIKO – 511 + 497

  1. Oh, did not even notice this one… again with that purple! Loving the dark one. Maybe a bit gloomy for me – I always end up looking goth when I do dark makeup or nails because I’m so pale :D

    • hahaha hello sister, we share the same paleness but that is okay. I love dark nails, don’t care in general what others think, so I don’t care if it might look goth^^

      You can always brighten it up with different colored clothes

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