[Review] KIKO – 203 french manicure + 508

Hey everyone,

today I want to review the first KIKO polish.


The white one – french manicure (203) is not really review able right now, because it is not a polish with a normal brush (like I thought), it is a striper with a thin brush to create french tips. I will use it at a different time when I talk about variations of the french manicure which will be around the beginning of next month.

For today I would like to show you 508, a nice nude beige tone.


I applied 2 coats of the polish. The brush is a normal one and the consistency is a bit creamy but not too much. Therefor the application was nice and smooth.




I really like this polish. In general you can totally rely on the good quality of the KIKO polishes. They usually go on well and dry fast. They have a nice glossy finish and last for quite a long time (4-5 days at least).

They have a wide range of colors and finishes too. You should check out their denim LE, I own one polish of those which I really love, but more on that later^^

How do you like it?