Sunday Mani – fifteen – bleached neons with studs

Hey everyone,

since I showed you the bleached neons LE from Maybelline this week I went ahead and did a nail design with neon studs on them.
I hope you like the design.

Again, here are the colors from the bleached neons LE. For this manicure I used the green one, 244 chic chartreuse.IMG_0381

For this manicure I used the green one, 244 chic chartreuse. I applied two coats and let them dry properly.
In the meantime I picked out the studs I wanted to use.


I got these studs at a shop called Claire’s, I showed them to you in one of my HAULy friday’s.

When the polish was dry I worked on one nail at a time, applying a clear polish and added the studs.







I went a bit crazy, using different colored studs on each nail and applied them in a different way as well.

How do you like this combination?