[Review] p2 – last forever nail polish – 011 city love + so gold shake up top coat

Good evening everyone,

today I want to start reviewing the lovely p2 polishes I got at the BeautyBloggerCafé in Berlin about 1 1/2 months ago…..realizing WOW! time has passed…..

Yesterday in my Sunday I already used p2′s last forever nail polish – 011 city love as a base color. I did the same today to show the so gold shake up top coat. This polish has super tiny gold glitter/shimmer in it. Depending on how much you shake it, you will get a softer or stronger gold shimmer as a top coat.

base color – p2′s last forever nail polish – 011 city love





and now with 2 coats of so gold – shake up top coat







Oh god I am in love with this top coat!
I love how it just so discreet but still makes the base color look so elegant. I will definitely try it on other polishes to see if the effect changes depending on which color is used as a base. Let’s be honest, the 2,95 euro are totally worth it. Basically you doubble your nail polish collection because you can use it on ANY polish and give it a total different finish.

I just love it. If you live in a country where you can get your hands on one of these, do it – buy it :D

Maybe I will include one of these into one of my next giveaways. Would you be interested?
Let me know.



Sunday Mani – nineteen – striper nails

Hey lovelies,

today I have the first part of my two manicures using different striper polishes.
I think this one turned out pretty well.

For that I would like to review the p2 polish I used for this as base color.

This is p2’s last forever nail polish – 011 city love

A nice pastel lilac polish. The consistency is nice and the polish goes on very smoothly. This way you get a good finish without strokes or bumps.




I let this dry properly and started using the stripers.
As you can see I used two pretty old ones by Essence, one in pink, the other one in purple and started arranging different lines and patterns. My personal favorite is the pinky.






I was just playing around with these since I never really used these stripers, but I like how the patterns turn out depend what you do.

What is your favorite?



[SoMoNight] The Purge: Anarchy

Hey everyone.

as you might know, I went to the YouTuber Preview of The Purge: Anarchy on Tuesday, which was organised by Robert from DVDkritik.


To get in the mood I created a Purge inspired nail design which I showed you in Monday’s post.


For the fun of it I also took a picture of me…..



[Event Review]

The preview was held at the UCI Kinowelt Colosseum in Berlin and started around 7 pm.
Since I was invited +1 I asked my fellow blogger Chi from ifIwereAudrey to enjoy this event with me.
We met up and had a drink before we went to the Colosseum. The Cinema was decorated in Purge like atmosphere. Several fences, emergency boxes with weapons – in case of purge and a genius airbrush painting by Jan from Bunt und Kreativ (Facebook)


Hangout (in german) – making of the Purge painting


Jan is a genius, he also did this amazing airbrush painting by Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad and he is super nice.
I am super jealous of his talent haha
I wish I had one of his works for my new living room, that would be super awesome!

Moving on^^, when we entered we got a Purge T-shirt, a Poster, a sticker and Buttons which I was very happy about. I LOVE THE SHIRT!


sticker and buttons (the poster is in the same design)



Before the movie started Patrice, Robert and LeFloid did some giveaways and later on Jason Blum the producer of The Purge, Insidious, Sinister and Paranormal Activity joined us to answer some questions. He was very relaxed and nice, joked around and answered the questions as good as he could^^

After that the movie started.
I am not allowed to say much, but my personal opinion, the 2nd one was better as the first.
I loved the fact that we were outside and got to see the action going on the streets during the #PurgeNight.

Definitely recommend it.

Now I have just two last promotional pictures of my favorite character left for you.




The night was really great and I am thankful I had the chance to experience this event and see the movie before everyone else.

It will start in cinemas around the middle or end of July (depending on your country)

Everyone was super nice and I had a great time. Thank you Chi for joining me :)


I hope you liked this little different post, have a great Saturday.





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