[Review] Ciaté – PP101 kiss chase

Hello lovelies,

today was a super busy day. I was out with my niece and her mom, we went to the zoo. After that my BF and I continued packing and preparing everything for the first 25 people who want to check out our apartment tomorrow.
Let’s hope someone will be renting it from June 1st and let’s hope our landlord is willing to let us off early.

Anyway, for today’s post I want to show you the last of my new Ciaté polishes.

PP101 kiss chase


I would say this is the perfect polish for all you girly girls out there. It is a super bright pink, almost neon I feel.
I can imagine me using it for several nail designs or simply as a base color for the colorfoil manicure in which kit I got this one.




The application was smooth and easy, the dry time good and it has a nice shine to it – pretty glossy I would say.

I am sorry for this rather short post today, but I am super tired and I am not even done preparing everything for tomorrow.
I also can’t do it tomorrow since I have to work. Oh well haha

How do you like this color? Are you a fan of pink? Do you like such super bright colors?
Let me know :)