[Review] Ciaté – PP060 ditch the heels

Hey everyone,

today  want to show you the Ciaté I got in my Emerald manicure kit.

PP60 ditch the heels


Even if it looks kind of blue on the pictures, this is a nice green polish just with a hint of blue-ish undertone.
This is what their Website sais:”The prettiest green ever. A colour that is fun, playful and perfect for first timers looking to experiment with bright colours. Dress it up or down! We love to wear it with our floral jumpsuit.”

I like the color, maybe because of the kind of blue undertone. I feel it is always difficult to explain why you like a polish for example, at least for me. I either like or don’t like, sometimes my opinion totally changes after applying the polish and trying to work with it, but Ciaté polishes are pretty reliable if it comes to quality. The consistency is good, with this comes and easy application and kind of fast / normal dry time. I feel Ciaté polishes are great for nail designs.





Please don’t get confused by the polish seeming to be sheer, I applied two coats and it is opaque, but my camera and the light reflexes which is why it looks like the polish is sheer.

How do you like the color?