HAULy friday – fiveteen – DM and Claire’s

Hey everyone,

sorry for being a little late today.
Today was a very productive and super exciting day!
We had an appointment to check 2 apartments today and one of them was super nice. It is basically like a small house over 2 floors.
It also has a terrace and garden! Just one hour after I brought all the needed papers to the house company I received a call and they told me that we are welcome to rent it and move!!!
We are so happy and relieved because our living situation has been terrible the past 2 and a half years.
Now we are looking forward to a new start and great life in this little home.
I might even get my Japanese room and garden which I dreamed about for sooooooo long!
Well we will move in about 4-5 weeks. I will try to prepare as much as I can blog wise, so that you still will be able to read posts everyday. Let’s see how fast I get internet in the new apartment :D

Anyway, enough haha

HAULy friday time!


Today I want to show you again what I recently bought.

Rossmann had these on sale at the cashier so I picked up those three. I thought the colors were pretty.



They also sold tons of other stuff, for example my favorite blue polish ever. I already have 3 of these, now I have 3 more hahahaha


I also bought the goo stampy polish from the Essen LE love letter (already have 2 of these as well)



At my local DM I bought 2 polishes from p2’s LE Sea la vie. I bought them for my little sister because she saw the dark blue one in one of my blog post’s and told me she liked it. So I got it for her and the light blue one on top :)
She is 16 and has an addiction similar to me, nail polish haha


I also saw that Manhattan has a new white polish which I wanted to try, since I am still looking for the perfect white polish.


Same goes for this black polish from Catrice. I will let you know how the quality of those polishes is.


Also, before I went to the BeautyBloggerCafé, were I won some p2 polishes, I bought these three beauties.
The pink and green one I own twice now, but that’s okay. I’ll give them away to my sister.IMG_0198


And the other day I passed by a Claire’s shop and bought these 2 sets of studs.



I know today’s post is not super big and crazy, just a little something.
I promise next weeks HAULy friday will be better :D

Have a great friday.