[Review] my first ORLY polishes (jolt 300, tangerine trance 525 + ablazing aqua 530)

Hey everyone,

I think we are through with my order from kosmetik4less haha

These are the last polishes I bought there. (until my next order^^)
They are also my first ever ORLY polishes. A brand which I always saw somewhere in other peoples pictures or blog posts. I am happy I bought them because they are of a pretty good quality. The thin long brushes and the consistency need some time to get used too (at least for me), but they are pretty and last for a good time.

Here is what I bought.

jolt 300



A nice bright yellow polish with shimmer in it. This will be perfect for doing nail arts with a bright sun in it!




I honestly gotta say this was a bit difficult to get an opaque and even finish. I don’t know why but maybe I just need some time to get used to it.


tangerine trance 525



This is a very pretty and somewhat matte (?) color. No shimmer, no glitter…..I don’t know the English word to describe it correctly. Help?

As you can see after one coat it is still see through, meaning yould have to apply 2 coats or even three, depending how opaque you want the finish to be. For me two were enough.





I felt the result after two was enough.


ablazing aqua 530



On to the last polish for today. A beautiful blue/turquoise polish with a nice shimmer in it. The application was good, I applied 2 coats and the dry time was okay too.
Somehow it reminds me of the ocean, so I think it is a great color for spring and summer.






Can you see the shimmer in the picture? Sometimes I feel it is difficult to show the real beauty of some polishes.
Like right now, I have a SUPER bright neon orange polish on, but the pictures never really show it that well.


How do you like these polishes in general? Any ORLY experience you can tell me about? Any polishes you recommend me to get?
Post it in the comments please :)