[Review] wet n wild – fast dry – E222C orange and E227C Teal or no tail

Hello everyone,

I am so excited. Today was a great day!
One of the great things was the nail mail I got, but more on that later. I will post it about it on Saturday :)

For today we have two more polishes from wet n wild which I bought from kosmetik4less.

First up is E222C orange


This pretty orange shimmery-glitter polish is simply stunning!
I told you many times that I am not a big fan of the color orange, but there are just certain shades that I start to love.
This is definitely one of them. It is kind of a sheer polish which is why I applied an orange base color before applying it and on top 2 coats of this for crazy shimmer/glitter.




Next is E227C Teal or no tail


This is is so pretty, I cant even……

I love the shimmer, I love how easy it’s applied, I love how fast it dries and that you need only 2 coats.
So in love with this polish, here in combination with the orange polish.





Honestly, the pictures don’t even show well how pretty those two babies are.
If you have the chance to get your hands on wet n wild polishes please check these out. Like I said, you can also order them from http://www.kosmetik4less.de they ship worldwide if I am correct.

How do you like them?

I gotta go now play with my 3 new polishes which I got in the secret nail mail today :D