[Review] wet n wild – wild shine – E463 jezebel and E460D kaleidscope

Hey everyone,

a new and a new round on review about the polishes I bought at kosmetik4less.

This week I want to show you the wet n wild polishes I got, starting today with E463 jezebel and E460D kaleidscope.

E463 jezebel


A very simple but nice red polish. I know many times I said I don’t wear too much red polish but somehow I always end up buying some haha

Anyway, as you can see this is a red with a bit of shimmer in it. So it is not a matte polish but has a nice shine to it.

The brush is long and thin, same as the other wet n wild polishes I tried. The application is easy and the dry time is good as well.
I applied 2 coats to get an opaque finish.





The second polish for today is E460D kaleidscope, which is more of a top coat. It is a clear polish with lots of silver glitter in it so perfect for combinations and nail design with other polishes.






I think there is not much to say about the glitter polish that I haven’t said on the other wet n wild polishes, besides its is super glittery and pretty :D

Hope you had a better Monday then me.

First I broke my right thumb nail, then I paper cut my left thumbs cuticle….what the hell.
At least the broken nail can be repaired. Nail Doctor Mara is on it  :D