Sunday Mani – thirteen – Ciaté’s crushed shell manicure

Hey everyone,

as you know I recently bought the new creative kit from Ciaté, the crushed shell manicure kit.



It contains one full sized paint pot (PP103 – pillow fight), a bottle of purple crushed shells (CRS001 – mermaid you look) and a funnel to put the excess shells back into the bottle.





This is the backside of the package, very pretty.



The steps are pretty easy.
Usually you apply one coat of base color, let it dry and then working on one finger at a time apply a second coat and add the shells.
Just as you would do with the caviar pearls. After that you press them lightly and later on apply a clear top coat if you like.

I switch it up a bit and always apply two coats of the base color, let it dry properly and then working one nail at a time applying a clear top coat (I use Ciaté’s speed coat pro) and add the shells.
You can do different techniques. I choose do fully cover the ring finger as an accent nail and the tips of the other nails besides the thumb – I let that simple and clean.

I must say the shells are a little harder to arrange but I really love the look.
I imagine mixing it with a nice ocean colored holographic polish. That would probably look nice.

Here is my manicure, today on the right hand so you can see that I do well on both hands :)




I really love this kit. Well done Ciaté!

And here a little collage I put up on instagram.

crushed shell manicure


How do you like it?