[Review] Teddy (1 euro shop) nail polish – 213 The Blues and 114 Cool Maria






Hello everyone,

last friday I showed you what I bought from our local euro /dollar shop.
Today I want to review the nail polishes I got. Well one of the polishes, the other one is a top coat.

213 The Blues


This is the top coat and I applied it over Essence  – twins reloaded – base color – Edward, which is a light blue nail polish.


I think it is a very nice combination. The top was easy to apply and not as gluey as I expected it to be. The different glitter particles match nicely with the light blue base color.







As you can see, the particles of the top coat are different colored and shaped.



114 Cool Maria


Again a little bit difficult to photograph, but a really nice green / turquoise polish with a hint of shimmer in it.





How do you like these two? I think for 1 euro each they are pretty good. I might check in again to see what other colors they have.

I hope you have a great evening.



6 thoughts on “[Review] Teddy (1 euro shop) nail polish – 213 The Blues and 114 Cool Maria

  1. I love the blue glitter over the sky blue Essence polish. The green polish looks nice too.
    I think these bottles look just like Technic nail polish bottles. Does it say ‘badgequo.com’ on the bottom?

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