[Review] POP beauty nail glam – 37 Foggy

Hey everyone,

happy Monday! …. oh well …. Monday’s suck but at least I could pick up my package from DHL today.
I will see what’s in it later and let you know.

But today I want to review another polish I recently bought on kosmetik4less.

POP beauty nail glam – 37 Foggy



This is basically a simple grey polish with a bit of shimmer in it. I thought the bottle design was unique and that I could use a nice simple grey polish which is not solid grey but also has a bit of shimmer in it. So I bought it.
Also I never tried any polish from this brand.

The brush is thin and long which is why you gotta be careful not to drip polish everywhere, because even though you skim it off before applying, the product will move and drip.
The application itself is easy and clean though, the polish is easy to be spread to cover the nail. The dry time is also pretty good. I think I applied 2 coats and the polish was dry within 15 to 20 minutes. But I always use a fast drying top coat so maybe that’s why.





I like the polish and the color. Do you?