[Review] p2 LE Dress Code HAPPY

Hello everyone,

look what has been released recently.



1 look of love blush 
8,2 g: 3,65 €

2 light you up! concealer duo
3,8 g: 3,95 €

3 color me sweet eye shadow pencil
5 g: 3,25 €

4 charming smile lipstick
3,8 g: 2,95 €

5 flirty skin glow highlighting fluid
30 ml: 3,95 €

cosy garden face cleansing towel
1: 4,75 €

6 glitter & pearl eyeliner
3 ml: 2,75 €

7 be the cutest! nail sticker
42: 1,95 €

just fancy! nail file
1: 2,25 €

be handy toe separator
2: 2,25 €

8 bright day nail polish
8 ml : 2,25 €

feel preppy nail pearls
17 g: 2,75 €


Since I am a nail polish addict you can guess what I bought from this LE^^
I did not like the colors too much so I only bought the lilac polish, the two bottles with nail pearls and the nail stickers.

010 vintage Lily




Nail Pearls

020 garden party



010 sunny day



Nail stickers



Let’s see how the polish looks on the nails :)

Isn’t it pretty? I was kind of surprised that this is a sand polish. I thought it was just a nice pastel lilac shimmery polish …. but oh well^^
Usually I am not a big fan of polishes with sand finish, but this dries to a very pretty finish.
Two coats were enough and the dry time was also pretty good.






I am in love with this color.

How do you like it?





BeautyBloggerCafé May 10th 2014

Hello everyone,

quick post about something I will do or somewhere I am going to be on Saturday.
styleranking will host their second BeautyBloggerCafé.

styleranking is THE fashion community, the write about fashion in general – trends, designers – and also beauty and lifestyle.
The BeautyBloggerCafé is all about blogging and people who blog about beauty related things.
This event is for networking, the newest beauty trends and products and you can also participate in workshops and even try out the newest beauty related products.

I was picked to to be a part of this event, so if any of you will also there – in Berlin (Germany) on Saturday May 10th, I would be happy to get to know you in person :)

Later on I will write a post about it of course.

I hope you are as excited about this journey as I am!

Thanks to styleranking and the BeautyBloggerCafé for giving me the chance to participate.