[Review] NPW – Madly Deeply – Vamp red

Hey everyone,

sorry for posting a little late tonight. I had to go to the UPS pick up office to get my freshly printed Blog Business cards :D

They look really nice, I am satisfied.

But on to today’s review. Another polish I ordered at kosmetik4less.

NPW – Madly Deeply – Vamp red



When I saw this online I really loved the packaging and the deep red color or the polish.
Finally seeing the name, Vamp Red, made me hit the BUY button.
Let’s admit it, vampires are awesome….and I am not talking about the sparkling Edward kind of type, I am talking about real vampires :P

As far I know this is a UK company that not only sells cosmetics, but also Toys & Tech, Home products and Stationery.

But for the polish, this is simpy a very nice red polish. It contains 12 ml of product, with a long wide brush (which I love for easy application) and it dries in no time.







What do you think? Do you own any NPW products?

Let me know!



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