[Review] Rival de Loop Young – Cupcake Collection – 03 Apple Green

Hey everyone,

I recently went to my local Rossmann and saw the Cupcake Collection.
Sadly there was only one polish left.

Angi, from Kreativchaos, made a really nice post where she shows all polishes and swatches from the polishes of this collection.

All right reserved to Angi from Kreativchaos.

Aren’t these cute?


Since the only polish left was 03 Apple Green, I bought at least this.

03 Apple Green







I must say I expected it to be a bit prettier. From the pictures above I think the white one is the nicest.
Also I was disappointed by the quality of the polish. The texture is really gluey which makes it difficult to apply.
I felt the dry time was pretty long too and it started chipping after 3 days or so. So all in one not a polish I would recommend or buy again. After seeing all these “cupcake” polishes I was kinda expecting them to be difficult, so maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised haha

What do you think?



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