[Review] Rival de Loop „Sorbet Nail Collection“

Hello everyone,

sorry for keeping things I bought apart from my HAULy friday posts, but lately I buy so many new polishes that posting the news once once a week is just not enough^^
Companies are throwing LE’s on the market like there is no tomorrow. It makes me crazy haha
Not only the DM drugstore brands like Essence, Catrice and p2 – also Rossmann brand Rival de Loop and Rival de Loop young are releasing LE’s all the time. Sometimes I feel it is a little bit too much, but oh well we keep buying stuff anyway. haha

Today I want to show you a nail polish collection from Rival de Loop which I bought about 2 weeks ago I think.
I actually found this by accident. But when I saw it I had to buy all of the effect polishes!
With these they also released 5 base colors, but since I have polishes that are very similar, I didn’t feel the need to buy these here.

For all of you are interested, these polishes are vegan.

The LE contains 10 polishes total. 5 base colors and 5 top coats. They are all pairs, contain 10 ml of product and cost 2,49 euro each.

Press photo


01 + 02 soft yellow
03 + 04 smooth apricot
05 + 06 blue sky
07 + 08 cool mint
09 + 10 birdy silver


My Photos




From left to right: 01, 03, 09, 07, 05.

Since I own a lot of polishes I picked these Ciaté paint pots as base color.

From left to right:

Ciaté PP118 – candy floss
Ciaté PP082 – cream soda
Ciaté PP080 – sugar plum
Ciaté PP104 – pepperminty
Ciaté PP151- Loop de Loop




I paired them with the Rival de Loop polishes as followed.

Ciaté PP118 – candy floss paired with Rival de Loop „Sorbet Nail Collection“ 01 soft yellow
Ciaté PP082 – cream soda paired with Rival de Loop „Sorbet Nail Collection“ 09 birdy silver
Ciaté PP080 – sugar plum paired with Rival de Loop „Sorbet Nail Collection“ 07 cool mint
Ciaté PP104 – pepperminty paired with Rival de Loop „Sorbet Nail Collection“ 03 smooth apricot
Ciaté PP151- Loop de Loop paired with Rival de Loop „Sorbet Nail Collection“ 05 blue sky




The blue effect polish on the yellow thumb sadly does not show up so well in the pictures, but it was a really nice combination.

I am kind torn which of these effect polishes is my favorite. I really love the one on my pinky finger, the blue one on my thumb and the fuzzy one on my ring finger, because the color combination of the fuzzy particles is so unique.

How do you like these polishes?
Let me know :)