[Review] p2 – LE Sea’ la vie – 030 navy






Hello everyone,

today I wanted to show you another polish I recently bought. You already saw it in HAULy friday – ten.

Like I said before, I am not a big fan of this LE. This polish is the only product I bought from this.
As you can see this is a pretty dark blue polish and since I don’t have a color this so far I bought it.

The only thing I liked about this LE was the design of the polish bottles. They are big and round but pretty flat.

030 navy




In the following pictures you can see the color a bit more realistic. It is dark but not too dark and I think it looks pretty nice on the nails. I can imagine using it for several nail arts. I bet it looks good with gold, white or red.

The brush is very long and thin here, which I mentioned before I am not a big fan of. You really gotta concentrate when applying the polish to get a clean result.








How do you like this polish?




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