[Review] Flormar – satin matte – GS10 curry

Hello everyone,

on to the second polish from Flormar.

Today I want to show you GS10 curry, which is a nice green polish with a satin matte finish.

I really fell in love with this polish when I saw it, because this is a really unique green polish.
I love how its somewhat sparkly but also has this interesting satin matte finish.




Do you see how pretty it looks on the nails?
This polish has a normal thin brush, the applications is a bit difficult but still okay I would say.
Because of all the sparkles in it the polish is a little thicker but it just takes a bit of practice to apply cleanly.
I think if you apply nail polish on a regular basis, you won’t have massive problems with this.






I really love how this looks on the nails and how pretty and different it looks depending on the light.

What do you think? Is this a color for you?
Please let me know.