green, green, green – green?

Hey everyone,

sorry for that stupid caption haha

Today I wanted to show you some green polishes I own. They are mostly no name brands so I can’t really tell you how to get them^^

Here we go

I got this neon green polish from my best friend. She bought it in Poland. It is a really nice neon polish, but sadly the texture / consistency is not really good. It is very gluey which makes it difficult to apply evenly. Also on the pictures it looks darker then it is. It’s really NEON.








This polish I also got from my best friend. She bought it while she was in Tokyo last year. I don’t know where she bought it or which brand it is from, but I kind of remember her saying it was from a 100 yen store^^

It is a nice and light green popping color. I like it. The consistency here is a bit better then the first one.





This next polish I bought myself at the 1 euro shop Pfennigland. I like it, the consistency is good and it dries in no time. It also contains silver glitter, which I think looks really nice. They price was also great. I think 1,49 euro.







Which is your favorite?




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