[Review] Artdeco – 146 Ceramic Nail Lacquer

Hello everyone,

today I wanted to show you one of my less liked nail polishes.

This is the Ceramic nail lacquer 146 from Artdeco. This was included in a Glossybox from 2012 if I am correct.
These Artdeco polishes contain only 6ml and are pretty expensive for my taste (7,50 euro for one bottle).
I was happy to get one like this, specially since I did not have to pay the Glossybox because it was a present.
Pretty excited about this higher class polish I immediately tried it out and was very disappointed.
The polish already started to split on the first night….wtf?

Artdeco - 146 Ceramic Nail Laquer

Artdeco - 146 Ceramic Nail Laquer close up






As you can see this is actually a nice dark purple polish, but even with a top coat it started splitting at the second day.
This is unacceptable to me, especially since these are pretty expensive.

Do you have any experience with these?
Let me know.