Essence LE Cookies & Cream nail polishes [giveaway winner]

Hello everyone,

yesterday at midnight my giveaway is done, so I wanted to announce the winner.

I am so happy to announce that this, my very first giveaway ever, had 167 participants. WOW!!!
When I created this giveaway I never even thought that so many people would love to win these polishes.
I think making this giveaway ope to the whole world helped a lot and I am really happy that so many of you were interested and entered. Thanks a lot for that!

As mentioned before, the winner of this giveaway was randomly picked by rafflecopter and will receive the prices from me.

Essence Cookies and Cream LE giveaway polishes

I will send out all 4 nail polishes from the current Essence LE “Cookies & Cream”. It also contains 2 set’s of nail stickers who were attached to the bottles and also another surprise from the LE which I won’t name to keep up the surprise.

The winner is …… *drum roll*



Diane from Pennsylvania


I hope you are happy and excited about these gifts as I am.
I sent you an e-mail (from my account, if it is not in your inbox please check the spam folder and get back to me within 48 hours or I will sadly have to pick another winner.

To all the others, please don’t be sad and be patient. I will for sure host another giveaway some time later, so stay tuned and keep following my blog and Facebook page for that :)


Also, i know there are a LOT of scammers out there. Please DO NOT give your personal information to anyone but me (meaning if I sent a mail from the address above)


I hope everyone is happy for Diane, even if you personally did not win this time.
And I also hope you have a great day / evening / night wherever you are!!!

I will post again tomorrow.