Sunday Mani – six – Rival de Loop young – Glitter Sensation on Safari green crocodile

Hello everyone,

I hope you have a great sunday.

Today I want to show you two more polishes from my HAULy friday – six post.
If you remember, I recently bought 4 Rival de Loop polishes. One of them was the Safari Look – 01 green crocodile, then the polish 02 Glam Gold from the Glam Collection and the two polishes I want to show you today.
They are from the Glitter Sensation Collection and really caught my attention when I saw them in the store.





These polishes don’t really have a name, it’s just 01 for the black glitter polish and 02 for the blue glitter polish.

I was really hoping they would look on the nails like they do in the bottle.
I was also hoping that they have a clear base and not black/grey and blue.

As you can see I paired them with 01 green crocodile as a base. Turns out they sadly do have a base color in them.
You can see that where I used the blue glitter, the base color is not visible anymore, same goes for the black glitter polish. I can imagine though that they would look very nice on a polish with the same color.

I will try that out later, but for now, this is what I came up with.






I must honestly say, that I don’t like the result, so I took it right off again^^

What do you think?